The most comfortable foot orthotic insole you’ve never tried


Once available only in custom models through healthcare practitioners, DynaFlange OTC is now available direct to consumer. DynaFlange orthotics are active insoles powered by smart spring technology to take advantage of the natural phenomenon called elastic energy. Each Spring is activated individually but work together to manage impact and motion by changing the way your foot collides with the ground. DynaFlange supports foot structure which is subject to collapse upon impact and reduces the harmful effects of collision dynamics such as ground reactive forces that jar your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back, while also limiting energy loss. DynaFlange gently nestles into the bottom of your shoe when loaded, storing energy in the smart springs, then, as we continue to move, the stored energy is released to naturally propel you forward similar to the effects of a diving board.
Change your relationship to the ground, feel the spring in your step, feel the science of DynaFlange.

For years, I walked around with cranky feet. Wearing shoes was an uncomfortable ordeal. But since my doctor recommended DynaFlange, my walking, running and standing to feel a whole lot better. I no longer have to favour my left or right foot to maintain my balance. It’s really a great product. — Walter C.