Kids & Young Adults

DynaFlange is not just for adults!


Teens have foot and joint problems too!

Young people often have some of the most challenging foot and gait issues, made more complicated by constantly changing foot size and body structure. Considering the active way kids go through the day, they really punish their feet, and that harsh treatment leads to more extensive foot and joint issues later in life. That is why kids need all of the benefits of shock absorption, energy return, and motion control as much if not more than adults.

To better understand the difference between DynaFlange and other insoles, picture other shock absorbing inserts as a trampoline and the DynaFlange as a diving board. When your feet come in contact with a trampoline, it goes down, absorbs impact shock, and then returns the energy which pushing you upward. That’s a good use of that energy if you want to bounce up and down, but when we walk or run we want to move forward. So in contrast, the Dynaflange uses a set of “V” shaped, end loaded cantilevers that are more like a set of diving boards, absorbing the shock and storing the energy of each individual step and then, like the diving board DynaFlange returns to its original shape, naturally propelling you forward and readying itself to receive and respond to your next step.

And since kids love the feel of DynaFlange smart springs, they don’t mind wearing them and with kids, that’s more than half the battle.