Stability & Balance



Stability and balance issues are more common than one would think. It is more common as we get older but there are many factors, including unequal limb length, inner ear problems and trauma cause us to feel a bit wobbly. There are also certain foot types that don’t adapt well to uneven surfaces or people who refer to themselves as clumsy, well DynaFlange can help!

When you look at the upside down, in heel region of the DynaFlange, you will notice that the spring mechanism is cupped, flaring downward and outward. This design attribute allows the DynaFlange to limit motions going away from the center of the heel and encourages the foot to return to a neutral position as the DynaFlange off-loads peripheral pressures and returns to its unloaded state. Just like a road side curb, reminds the driver that their car has drifted off-center, the rims of the DynaFlange provide crucial neurological data to help steer your foot back to a more neutral and advantageous position, aiding balance and stability.

Other insoles often move around inside your shoe, and that can be particularly problematic for those with stability and balance issues. The rims and wings of the DynaFlange have the unique ability to remember their place in your footwear by nestling into the shoe for a secure fit while providing consistent support and friction reduction.