What is Dynaflange?


DynaFlange is a patented elastic energy insole capable of absorbing shock, managing foot motion, energy conservation, naturally propelling you forward and preparing your foot for the next step through it’s anatomically designed smart springs.

That’s why industry insiders call it ”The Greatest Advancement in Orthotics in 60 years

The Greatest Advancement
in Orthotics in 60 Years

What We Mean By “Feel The Science"

DynaFlange provides up to 7 watts of Power per second

  • DynaFlange can deliver up to 450 joules of Elastic Energy per minute

  • DynaFlange has shown a 33-46% decrease in ground reactive forces

  • DynaFlange improves balance and stability, while increasing performance and efficiency

  • DynaFlange utilizes “secure fit” technology to keep the orthotic in place and reduce friction

(Results may vary depending on weight and environment)

How Does It Work?


DynaFlange Acts as an adaptor between a 3D foot and the 2D surfaces we walk on to manage foot structure – changing loads of motion.

  • DynaFlange interrupts the moment of impact spreading the force over a greater time and distance

  • Some of the “strike force” is diverted to act on the DynaFlange.

  • DynaFlange absorbs the shock of impact and stores the energy in its cantilever springs

  • DynaFlange releases the energy to propel the body forward and center the foot

  • DynaFlange adapts to footwear providing superior positioning and slip resistance.

For more technical information read “Comparison of Langer Biomechanic’s DynaFlange to Traditional? “Legacy” Readfoot Posted Orthotics

Why Does It Work?

When feet bear weight, it’s working, even when we’re not walking or moving.
Gravity is still placing a force on us, so DynaFlange is always working.


Dynamic Energy Return

Feel the added propulsion of elastic energy. DynaFlange does the work so you don’t have to!

Reduced Impact Forces

Enhanced shock absorption means greater comfort – especially when standing for long periods on hard surfaces!

Postural Efficiency

With DynaFlange whether you’re standing, walking or running your posture improved day by day!

Who Could Benefit From DynaFlange?

Anyone who bears weight on their feet and is not in need of an ankle/foot brace.? Folks with severe balance and neurological issues, should check with their medical team for a full gait assessment. That includes teachers, police officers, clerks, athletes, kids and many more…