Apart from being a podiatry student, I am also an active runner, biker, and hiker; always looking for the next best thing to manage my own foot health. Using Dynaflange™ for the first time I was shocked to feel the difference between my older orthotics and the dynamic nature of Dynaflange™. I could feel my interaction with the ground change almost immediately from what Dr. Segel attributed to the flanges ability to control foot function and shock absorption. Within weeks I was no longer experiencing shin splits during my long runs on top of decreased pain in my hips and knees. Dynaflange™ has become part of my self-treatment regiment as well as my future research in understanding optimal gait for varying foot types. This could be the greatest gift to preventative medicine of the decade and the best orthotic you’ve never tried. — Grace J


For years, I walked around with cranky feet. Wearing shoes was an uncomfortable ordeal. But since my doctor recommended DynaFlange, my walking, running and standing to feel a whole lot better. I no longer have to favour my left or right foot to maintain my balance. It’s really a great product. — Walter C.

My Thoughts on the DynaflangE

I am very pleased with my Dynaflange orthotics. For years I have worked jobs spending hours doing repetitive tasks, prolonged standing, and plenty of walking. Once I started wearing the dynaflange orthotics I noticed that I felt lighter on my feet and that the dynaflange was springing me forward to my next step in the gait cycle. The dynaflange in my experience has made walking less exhausting, especially the days where I am more active on my feet. I continue to wear the orthotics everyday and could not be happier with this device. — Joe O.


About a year and a half ago, and after a very long time suffering from extreme foot pain (upon getting out of bed each morning, I could barely walk), I was sent by my PCP to see a podiatrist.
My PCP had initially diagnosed me with a bunion and another condition, plantar fasciitis.
Upon leaving, I asked what I could do to help myself, and she said I needed to change footwear. I lamented all of the beautiful Italian 8.5AA shoes I had to discard in exchange for a newly acquired size 9 regular, and sometimes a 9 wide.
I went to the podiatrist who confirmed my PCP’s diagnosis, who gave me some exercises to perform, then sent me on my way. The exercises did not alleviate the pain or provide relief.
That Christmas my daughter sent me a pair of DynaFlange shoe inserts. I bought a pair of practical, non-orthotic shoes to place them in. They provided such relief that I would change out the inserts from one pair of shoes to another, and wear them daily.
After over a year of this simple diligent act, I have NO foot pain. Although I miss my Italian shoes, I wouldn’t trade my DynaFlange orthotic supports for anything! I mean that. I am on my feet a lot, and even the memory of the kind of foot pain I used to suffer is brutal.— Judy A.

I love my orthotics

I have worn orthotics all my life, starting with heavy steel inserts for my flat feet. As a teenager I threw them out so I could wear loafers and high heels. Now as a senior I love my orthotics. Why? The Dynaflange makes me feel secure, well-balanced, and young. I can dance in them! — Zelda G.

I have had the DynaFlange orthotic insert for almost a year now. I came to Dr. Segel with severe pain in the ball of my foot due to little arch support, too narrow footwear and repetitive stress to that specific area (more than just walking). I was fitted with appropriate shoes and a custom orthotic and my feet are virtually painless. What a relief — Rebbeca L.