Performance & Prevention



Performance and prevention are really two sides of the same coin. We live dynamic lives and suffer dynamic wear and tear—DynaFlange is a dynamic solution to dynamic problems.

DynaFlange can improve performance by increasing efficiency and energy utilization while minimizing the trauma of repetitive motion through the natural phenomenon known as elastic energy which is shock absorption and energy return.

It’s useful to consider each step as a collision between a three dimensional foot and a two dimensional, flat, hard support surface. And just like a car smashing into a wall, this is a battle the foot cannot win. The foot responds to the repetitive collisions of walking and running with structural collapse and is subject to shock and energy loss. These responses to impact forces cause fatigue, heat, mal-alignment, inflammation, instability, joint wear and pain throughout the kinetic chain, including the ankles, knees, hips and spine and foot. By design and utility, DynaFlange reduces your impact forces and so, the ground reactive forces which wreak havoc up the kinetic chain, causing repetitive micro-trauma that leads to degenerative joint disease – – arthritis!

At contact, the DynaFlange structural design and smart spring system accepts the force of impact, stores the energy generated during loading, stabilizes and readies the foot for mid stance and releases the stored energy to naturally propel you forward.