Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Low Back Pain


Arthritis that comes from wear and tear is a very common source of boney aches and pains. Reducing shock and keeping your bones and joints in optimal position are keys to prevent or slow down, the progression of degenerative joint disease.

Bones would have no reason to interact but for the soft tissues that form attachments and allow these structures to operated as a purposeful unit. Plantar-fasciitis, tendonitis and other soft tissue stresses and strains often are the results of trying to hold our bones together amid repetitive movements, trauma, imbalances, and the fact that this asymmetrical, three dimensional foot has to function on two dimensional ground. Something’s got to give and it your foot that suffers. Bones collapse, soft tissue stretches and pain is born.

That’s where DynaFlange steps in!

The patented DynaFlange shock absorbing/energy return system was developed with the primary goal of supporting foot structure, promoting joint neutrality and curbing shock. DynaFlange flexes to adapt to uneven surfaces and to accept the burdens of impact forces like the shock absorbers in a car. In other words, the DynaFlange deforms so your foot and ankle don’t have to!