Why Should I Care?

User Benefits:

  • Manages and improves function, walking, running, work time and home time including standing around time

  • Absorbs Shock and stores energy for easy landing and conservation of energy

  • Returns energy to propel forward-it actually assist your forward motion with a natural propulsion

  • Superior Slip Resistance-finally an shoe insert that stays put without tape or glue

  • Encourages foot centering-as the leaf springs are located at the periphery of the DynaFlange, when off-loading and returning to their original position, they automatically reposition the foot

  • Auto Responsive Because they are a set of springs, DynaFlange can adapt and respond to uneven surfaces and changing loads while we function. It is a dynamic solution for our dynamic lives

How Does It Work?

DynaFlange Acts as an adaptor between a 3D foot and the 2D surfaces we walk on to manage foot structure – changing loads of motion.

  • DynaFlange interrupts the moment of impact spreading the force over a greater time and distance

  • Some of the “strike force” is diverted to act on the DynaFlange.

  • DynaFlange absorbs the shock of impact and stores the energy in its cantilever springs

  • DynaFlange releases the energy to propel the body forward and center the foot

  • DynaFlange adapts to footwear providing superior positioning and slip resistance.

Why Does It Work?

DynaFlange is designed based on foot structure and function.Materials were chosen to make use of the natural laws of physics, especially Elastic Energy

When Does It Work?

When feet bear weight, it’s working, even when we’re not walking or moving

Gravity is still placing a force on us, so DynaFlange is always working

Who Could Benefit From DynaFlange?

Anyone who bears weight on their feet and is not in need of an ankle/foot brace. Folks with severe balance and neurological issues, should check with their medical team for a full gait assessment. Read More >

How do I clean my Dynaflange insoles?

Remove the orthotics from your shoes.

Hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Allow them to air dry.

Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Is it Machine Washable?

No, do not machine wash or wash with hot water.

Do not expose to high heat from a hair or clothes dryer.

Do not dry in direct sunlight.