Healthcare professionals have recommended DynaFlange for patients with the following issues:

– Plantar-fasciitis
– Arch, Heel, Hip, Knee and Back Pain
– Chronic Lateral Ankle Spains
– Apropulsive Gait
– Pronation & Supination
– Balance, Instability & Motion Control
– Achilles Tendonopathy
– Foot Fatigue & Oversuse
– Shock Absorption & Comfort

… And Because They Just Feel Great!

I had plantar fasciitis and low back pain and since I wear my Dynaflange inserts, I am pain-free.. I have now several pairs and without them, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy walking and working without pain.

Celine S.


For nearly the past 10 years, DynaFlange has been used by doctors to treat a multitude of foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems.

Once available only in custom models through healthcare practitioners, DynaFlange OTC is now available direct to consumer. Whether you are the chef of an active kitchen, an athlete concerned with safety and performance, a person with stability and balance issues or the average Joe or Jane just trying to get through the day with tired feet, foot pain or discomfort, each of you function differently, but you all have 1 common thread, your feet collide with the ground, and so, are subject to impact collision and gravitational forces.